Harsh Realities Of Maturity And Adulthood

5 Harsh Realities Of Maturity And Adulthood

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In generality, it’s indisputable that life is stage-based; ranging from childhood to adulthood.  These stages are made possible through the aid of growth. Obviously, the majority of what distinguishes these stages is their physical structures among others. 

The just concluded illustration is to substantiate the stance that life, in general, is stage based and at every point in time, human nature changes. 

This change is not limited to physique, there could be a turning point and here is where we dwell into the psychological realm. The way individuals view situations (perception), the way we handle the harsh realities, the way we respond to situations (action and reaction), and the way think or brainstorm (reasoning) varies and changes. 

The variation occurs when we juxtapose individually while the change occurs to individuals perhaps as they grow. This change and variation in the aforementioned individual characteristics are as a result of MATURITY. 

Maturity is a state of mind which comes to individuals at different times of our lives. It obviously has nothing to do with our body size or the legal age we can eat, drink, drive, vote or marry. It is a state of mind that distinguishes the truth from the truth and right from wrong. It introduces you to the real form of the world. You might act properly, take school seriously and respect those around you but are these enough to qualify you matured? 

At a point in your life, you tend to do and view things in some ways, say some words, and react to some things but as time goes on, you realize the reverse is really the case. Your entire reactions and approaches to situations change totally. This is what we call maturity! The state of mind which comes to individuals at different times of our lives.

Below are some of those harsh realities that come with maturity and adulthood:

No one is going to fix you

It is in your best interest to take personal responsibilities for your own life. You have to find that strength within yourself and create whatever it is you’re passionate about. 

When you do that, you’ll realize you’re more powerful and self-reliant than you ever thought possible.

It becomes very important and crystal clear that the only person who can help you is yourself. Long gone are the days when parents, teachers, and caregivers sit you down and remind you that everything will be okay. The reality that life does not revolve around you as it’s full of people who are always in need. 

You are but a tiny fish in a massive soup; everyone strives to survive its own life.

Failure is therefore inevitable

Certainly, when maturity comes in, you realize that in the attempt to achieve an ambitious new goal, it is possible that you fail while pursuing the said goal. You will fail; you will definitely suck at something unpleasant, believe that! 

Being mature, you understand that the road will not always be smooth as there will be unforeseen hurdles and obstacles that could engender failure. In reality, new learning opportunities are created paving way for better chances and performance. You have grown to know when to create new perspectives and re-philosophy. 

Maturity now tells you that if successful people quit pursuing their goal after failing, then there would be approximately zero successful people.

Your actions and reactions are everything

At the moment some things happen to us – some far more challenging, scary, unwanted than others or possibly good things but it’s our reaction towards them that dictates how much they’re going to impact on us. Nothing could mean anything until you give it a meaning.

For instance, when you are insulted by people, you may give it a meaning either by changing your ways or ignoring it depending on how accosted you are by the situation.

Same goes for commendations, it may serve as motivation, encouragement or you could allow it to sink into your skull and build your ego. That is the power of your action and reaction which shapes what your life looks like.

Thus, with maturity, you deeply understand that the result you get (positive or negative) is as a result of everything you injected towards it.

We are all different and can’t be equal

The acceptance of the harsh realities and truth that human beings can’t be the same; we live differently and therefore, can’t have the same fate, be famous and rich. 

This is among the very harsh realities that human beings often dispute perhaps due to individual mindsets. 

Although most human beings cherish the good things of life; time, money, fame, position, influence and affluence, there’s unequal distribution of economic wealth. 

Definitely! someone will be richer than you, someone will be more famous than you and someone is going to achieve more success than you do. 

This is where contentment comes in and covetousness goes out with maturity. You become very satisfied and content with your growth, possessions, and journey.

You can’t satisfy everybody

Nonetheless, other harsh realities of life and maturity is that fact that you will never be able to satisfy everybody. Quit trying if you still struggle with this. No matter how people-pleasing you might be, some will still find faults and dissatisfactions. So, don’t bother trying to portray yourself as perfect and just live freely.

Funny that maturity makes you realize that it’s not your fault. It begins from envy then progress into jealousy. You hold a book? They talk! You talk? They scorn! You laugh in elation? They pray it doesn’t come again! Maturing doesn’t make room for side-attractions as you live with the reality that you can hardly satisfy the multitude or universe.

These are few of the truthful but harsh realities that mostly come with maturity, even though people often dispute them.